Who Covers Cannabis? Following Media Trends

rosie mattio cannabis public relations

It wasn’t too long ago that few people would even speak out loud about cannabis. Now it’s not only a trend, but a thriving industry that audiences all over the world want to learn more about! But the question remains – who out there is covering hot marijuana stories in the media?

By learning more about the various media outlets that are covering cannabis, developing a public relations strategy becomes much easier. When you know who may be interested in your company or product, you will be able to craft the perfect pitch to make it happen.

Read on for a clear vantage point of the current media landscape for the cannabis industry, and get ready to meet the press.

Local News

People are often surprised to see a story about marijuana in their local newspaper, or on the six o’clock TV news. However, it’s becoming more and more common as regulations loosen and more uber-successful cannabis businesses proliferate nationwide.

Every cannabis business should keep a local media contact list handy, and regularly updated for changes. Record the “news desk” phone numbers and email addresses for local broadcast stations, as well as editors and reporters for print and online outlets in your area. Build relationships with these outlets by sending them a press release whenever your company has big news.

Business Publications

With all the buzz around cannabis as an innovative, revolutionary new consumer product, many high-end business, finance, and entrepreneurial news outlets are taking a special interest in this industry and the people working in it.

Many publications now have special correspondents or even staff writers assigned to the marijuana “beat” – learn who they are and follow their work on Twitter. Often, you can also find trend pieces about the cannabis space in news outlets that cover viral news (like BuzzFeed), women’s interests, medical and psychological advancements, innovation and technology, and marketing.

Trade Media

When all else fails in your media outreach process, you can always rely on the “marijuana media” to be accepting of a wide range of story ideas. While these outlets may not have a huge reach in the mainstream community, several of them boast online audiences over one million.

Having connections at outlets like Dope Magazine, HERB, High Times, and MERRY JANE can yield viral results for your business or product. Keep in mind that some of these outlets rely on paid advertising to stay afloat, and may want you to “pay to play” for a broadcast to their highly targeted, cannabis-friendly audiences.

When it comes down to it, getting coverage in the media comes down to relationships and the quality of the story you have to tell. Hone your company’s message and tell it to the right people – it’s that easy!

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