Reputation & Branding: A Match Made in Heaven

Public relations is a multi-faceted discipline that can get complicated for business leaders and marketers. Many business owners, and the general public, tend to wonder exactly what PR is and how practitioners do their jobs on the day-to-day.

The key to a great public relations strategy is to combine all the best parts of your brand into one set of messages. From there, creating powerful campaigns – and getting the resulting attention that you desire – only gets easier to do.


A brand or individual’s reputation is thought of mostly in terms of name recognition, but there’s much more to it than that. The complexities of the brand’s history, the reputation of the CEO and other important leaders in the company, past media coverage, and online presence all have a lot to do with reputation.

Building up a solid reputation comes from a combination of two things: the proper messaging and audience reach. Not only should all of your brand communications use clear and concise messaging; these messages should also explain why your brand is different and better than others that might be similar. In addition, you’ve got to ensure these messages are reaching the right demographics, at the highest possible circulation.


For companies and individuals, the “brand” refers to the name, logo, design, and mission of the product, service, company, or person being discussed. From the foods we eat to the media we consume via TV and internet, society is bombarded with branded material on a constant basis.

Branding, or most of the process at least, typically takes place during the very beginning stage of a company’s formation. The very best brands re-evaluate all visual communications on a yearly basis to ensure it still represents the correct values and goals. Likewise, your messaging should stay fresh and updated as you set new goals and milestones for your business.


The most important piece of public relations that business leaders have to remember, is that no pillar of business can stand on its own. It’s necessary to combine all your best branding with the appropriate tactics to improve your reputation.

Creating fact sheets and talking points with all your key brand messages ensures that everyone involved with your brand can prepare matching and accurate statements. Try to think of a story for everything – from your logo to the colors you use for your brand. Every company has an excellent story to be told! These messages can then be creatively re-purposed for product and company slogans, blog and social media content, media pitches and special campaigns. The possibilities are endless.

For a strong foundation, look to your strengths. Continue building on what made your brand a success in the first place. Replace anything that doesn’t fit in with the image you have created.

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