Target Media Buying:


Programmatic ad buys to a targeted, proven audience through premium media

Programmatic services include:

  • Growing database of 2 Million proven cannabis/CBD enthusiasts, who have either registered for cannabis information or who have visited a dispensary
  • Brand safety, governance, and geographic compliance for each ad served
  • Placement only in media that accepts cannabis advertising (600+ publishers)
  • Mobile, web, in-app and CTV opportunities
  • Optimized spending by date, day part, frequency, placement and engagement
  • Conformance to client target CPMs, CPCs or CPVs
  • Re-marketing opportunities

 At MATTIO, our dedicated programmatic team has over 20 years of experience in digital advertising spanning beverage, pharma and consumer brands. We understand how important it is for our partners to advertise legally.  We employ rigorous oversight to ensure compliance with state and local regulations and our publishing partners’ creative standards.

When you launch a programmatic campaign with us, you’ll be serving ads to known audience segments in brand safe environments.  Through leading geofence technology, we draw hard barriers to ensure ads are never shown outside of their predetermined neighborhood, city, state or region.  And we never use personally identifiable information (PII). Instead, we leverage a combination of interest-based engagement and cohort analysis to build trusted target audience segments.   

Ads appear across a network of premium publishers in mobile, web and video environments. Our programmatic platform utilizes machine learning to optimize your campaign toward the highest performing measures and drive engaged response.             


The MATTIO team provides technical support and in-depth reporting in real time to help our partners better understand their marketing strategies and return on investment. Our team will guide you through the unique requirements of each local market and monitors progress against mutually-established KPIs using real-time reporting dashboards.

The result is completely custom and scalable digital advertising that enables your brand to reach new customers and re-engage past visitors.