Social Media Management


Spark conversations and deepen relationships with your customers on popular social media platforms

Social media services include:

  • Strategy development to set your social media marketing apart from the competition.
  • Creation of social media profiles in all relevant channels
  • Graphic design and image/video consultation and creation
  • Editorial calendar creation to foster relevant and evergreen conversations
  • Social monitoring and analytics
  • Growth of followers through organic and paid social outreach
  • Detailed tracking and reporting of engagement and growth across social channels

Build loyalty and engagement with our social marketing services

While high follower counts are attractive, what’s the point if only 2% of your audience actually cares about your products?

At MATTIO Communications, we understand that every social platform requires its own unique approach. Unless you have a clearly defined strategy, you can waste valuable time with nothing to show for it. We build audiences organically, attracting an audience of enthusiasts who are legitimately interested in your brand and excited to interact with you on a daily basis.

We start with deep research to understand your brand, how it speaks and what motivates your followers. From there, we’ll create a defined communication plan: from content and hashtags to full-profile backups, we’ve got you covered. Once live, we’ll focus on bringing your brand to life, relating in authentic ways with your audience.

At the end of the day, social media is still about promoting your business. While your content should be casual and friendly, it still needs to boost interest in your product. The strategy is simple; engage an audience on social media, then guide them back to your website for detailed information on your business and product.

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