Investor Relations


Creating company visibility in the financial community by fostering two-way communication

Services include:

  • Developing clear & crisp messaging for the targeted financial community (investors, financial media, crossover funds or analysts) to achieve specific IR goals.
  • Arranging meetings and conferences with key members of the targeted financial community.
  • Raising client profile with targeted financial community – for capital raises, pre IPO, higher market caps.
  • Staging (or participating in) “Investor Days”, to deliver financial messages to specific audiences.
  • Crafting press releases & story pitches for the financial community.
  • Ensuring proper communication protocols during pre-IPO periods.
  • Investor communications about significant Company events.

Fully Managed Cannabis Influencer Marketing Services

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Mattio Communications connects your brand with the right influencers so that your audience takes notice.

Through direct relationships and partner agencies, we maintain an influencer database. Together, we house influencers across nearly every social channel including: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and other worldwide platforms.

We’ll identify the right people to speak with your audience. Then, we’ll manage the entire influencer marketing process for both agencies and brands. We vet influencers, create and execute campaigns, curate influencer payments and provide detailed performance reports.

Sponsorships enable advertisers to embed tracking links and pixels. They are able to report actual traffic and conversions delivered to their destination site to demonstrate ROI.

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