Content Creation / Thought Leadership


Writing and designing relevant content for blogs, media exposure, websites, and social media

Services include:

  • Crisp definition of content deliverables and target audiences.
  • Establishing and enhancing the Brand voice.
  • Ongoing cadence of writing new content for the defined media – blogs, website, social media.
  • Design services to frame the content, if needed.
  • Effectiveness tracking, to identify relative success of all content – which may include click-thru rates, bot crawl rates, # of new subscribers, followers or likes on targeted social media – and adapting new content accordingly.
  • Crafting Thought Leadership pieces, for placement, to enhance Brand’s market profile.

The main function cannabis content marketing fulfills for your business is increasing brand awareness and SEO. The business-to-consumer landscape has dramatically changed over the past 15-20 years, and traditional advertising methods have become non-effective or even obsolete for many niches of business. The consumer now educates themselves on what products they want and what companies they want to buy them from. This is all done online, long before any contact is made to any companies. The earlier you enter these curious consumers into your sales-funnel, the more likely they are going to become a customer.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with a variety of different cannabis companies to help build the industry from the ground-up. From a strategic communications perspective, it is essential for companies to differentiate themselves in this noisy market in order to attract a committed group of customers. Differentiation becomes increasingly important as consumers have many choices as to which cannabis products they choose to try. In order to help cannabis companies succeed, a thought leadership strategy is important. Yet, in order to legally execute a strategic thought leadership program, cannabis companies will need to abide by State and Federal laws.

In order to execute and measure a successful communications or thought leadership strategy, we always advise that the campaign objective be taken back to the business goal and determine realistic key performance indicators. Speaking engagements can further be optimized by implementing a digital strategy. Our data analytics team takes a data driven approach and quantifies each communications activity so we can better understand what is driving interest online. One example of this is geo-targeting, a tactic where individuals are identified by location.

The beginning of this new industry is exciting and presents multiple business opportunities. However, it is imperative for companies to understand the competing complexities and be able to navigate the industry from a regulatory, business and communications perspective in order to communicate one’s value proposition to consumers and shareholders.

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